Chemical Resistant Safety Gloves For Industrial Use | Nitrile gloves

Ensure workplace safety with our Chemical Resistant Safety Gloves. Made from high-quality nitrile, these gloves offer exceptional chemical resistance and protection. Available in orange and yellow colors.


Chemical Resistant  Nitrile Safety Gloves For Industrial Use | Safety Gloves | Nitrile gloves | SRM Marketing

Features :

  • Material:- Nitrile

  • Colour :- Orange, Yellow

  • Hand Orientation:- Both

  • Protective gear

  • Excellent resistance

  • High visibility

  • Application across various industries

  • Durable, puncture-resistant, and tear-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance

Chemical resistant safety gloves for industrial use are an essential protective gear designed to safeguard workers from hazardous substances. These gloves are made from high-quality nitrile material, providing excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals and ensuring the safety and well-being of users in industrial environments.

The unique feature of these gloves lies in their exceptional chemical resistance properties. The nitrile material offers reliable protection against various chemicals, acids, solvents, oils, and greases commonly encountered in industrial settings. This ensures that workers can handle corrosive substances safely, minimizing the risk of chemical burns or allergic reactions.

Designed to accommodate both right and left-hand use, these gloves offer versatility and convenience for users. Regardless of hand orientation, workers can confidently and comfortably wear these gloves, maintaining optimal dexterity and control during their tasks.

The chemical resistant safety gloves are available in two vibrant colors, orange and yellow, providing high visibility in the workplace. This enhances safety by increasing the visibility of the wearer and reducing the chances of accidents or mishaps.

These gloves are engineered to meet stringent safety standards required for industrial applications. They are durable, puncture-resistant, and tear-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding work conditions. The textured surface enhances grip, allowing users to handle objects securely and with precision.

With their robust construction and chemical resistance, these gloves find extensive application across various industries, including manufacturing, chemical processing, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and more. They are an indispensable part of personal protective equipment (PPE), offering essential protection to workers and minimizing the risk of chemical-related injuries.

Chemical Resistant Safety Gloves


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